Blackjack Card Counting – Don’t Be Scammed by Basic Strategy

Blackjack Card Counting - Don't Be Scammed by Basic Strategy

Card counting isdays the most popular gambling strategy not only because it works, but also because it looks so impressive. Basic strategy is proclaimed to be the best strategy in blackjack, but card counting proves that basic strategy is wrong if all you do is count. I’ll explain why.

Card counting is a strategy that can only be applied to outside bets. That means you can’t use it while you are inside the casino betting on games paying up or even between 0 and 17. Card counting is simply the process of assigning numerical points to cards dealt to all players, where the cards with positive points are assigned a minus number. Cards with negative points are assigned a plus number.

Enter the casino and you’ll be stuck using card counting to achieve a winning edge. Here’s the rationale. Let’s say a typical card has a face value of ten. Casino has 10, Jack, Queen, and King as the ten values. When cards are dealt you add a point from your card value and bet accordingly. Let’s say you have a nine and a six for the bank. You have plus six points, which means you should bet nine coins in order to win the bet. In case you don’t win, you add six points from nine, which means you need to bet nine more coins. In this case you go to the next round. After the round you are dealing with again, and you have 32 points. You have doubled your bet and now you have 24 points in total. This leads us nicely to the next power of basic strategy, card counting.

There are many techniques of card counting. ‘K-O’ is the most popular. It involves assigning each card a point value and then keeping track of how many points are still left. With plenty of cards in the deck you should be able to get a rough idea of the probability of getting an ace or some other face card. Lets do some simple counting. There are 8 cards on the table and not counting cards you know there are four aces in the deck. That means for each ace you add one point. There are 16 cards left in the deck so that means the probability of getting another ace is 4.anding on 16 cards. The only card that can possibly help you here is the ten. So if you have a 10 you now have a + 4 card 21. If you are lucky enough to get another card in the middle of the hand, like another ace, your total now goes up to 28, which is a + 12 against a – 12 bet.

Lots of mega88, and so called systems, will try to sell you card counting systems. Card Counting, is the process of assigning a numerical value to the cards that have been dealt. You then compare the sum of the cards versus what you need to bet in order to have a guaranteed winning guess at the next card. These systems are typically sold in a bricks and mortar establishment, over cup holders and rolls of paper.urous system struck only by a novice may not work, may be expensive, and are not as reliable as knowing the rules of blackjack. Before attempting any counting system, you will need to know the rules of the individual casino holding the game. It isn’t difficult to find out the house rules, but if you are unlucky enough to visit a casino that doesn’t keep these rules quite close to the vest, you may find the house rules, bitter though they may be, easier to reverse.

Many players will try to work out the odds themselves, perhaps by counting cards; however, card counting is difficult to do without a sophisticated device, and even then produces so-so results. Roulette is a lot easier; purely a matter of trial and error. The basic principle is to bet on red or black and the odds are 50:50, but you have to remember that the casino will have a house edge at Leeway which is the stumbling towards zero. So, if you are betting the casino has a greater edge than you do; it doesn’t matter whether you bet red or black, you will lose.

Professional players will always beat the casino, but the correct technique is not to turn the tables on the casino. If you can determine where the cards are going to stop your opponent, and the probability of standing on each card, you will have a much better judgment than the player in the casino.

Blackjack is a skill based game. If you become an expert at it, it is possible to lose money and come out on top, sometimes. The recent movie,21,leaves the impression that it is all about reading the signs, not unlike chess. It is a matter of chipping away at the house edge, rather than beating the casino on an individual hand.

It is possible to bet with a negative edge and still turn a profit.