Smithfield Made Chips High Quality Inlayed on Sandwich and Oats

Smithfieldmade chips are an innovation in poker chip making. They are the result of a five year research and development process by the Smith Group, which is responsible for all aspects of chip manufacturing, including chips, chips cases,ipins, terminals, and other hardware. The chips are unique in that each is fully customized to the artwork that runs around the edge of the chip.

The artistic and attractive artwork on the face side of the chip provides the “wow” factor to this game chip, and also protects it from unnecessary damage. Smithfieldmade chips have the full color of the artwork interpreted around the edge, with 8.5 grams of heavy solid casino quality clay.

To avoid the possibility of a chip being flipped over and ended up upside down, the tablet is secured with a brass washer so it cannot be removed by either the player or a coin. The entire face of the chip is covered by a high quality green felt, which helps to keep the poker table or floor clean and neat. Smithfieldmade chips come in a variety of colors and choosing the right color will let you know that you have a good quality poker chip in hand.

The inlay is a thin film applied to the face side of the chips. It can be removed by either scratching it with a fingernail or a coin. The inlay material is covered by a high grade of evaporating ink that enables the artwork to be removed without damaging the chip.

By cleaning the poker chip with a mild soap, one can easily remove the ink that may remain on the poker chip. After cleaning the poker chip, it is again time to check for any signs of wear. If there is a small white pucker or wear zone in the area where the chip is located do not use it, Poker Stars Direct recommends only the best for this. If there are signs of wear or obvious signs of damage such as tiny little white specks of wear, peeling or staining, do not use it.

Poker Stars Direct customizes chips for many events, and their prices range from under $0.25 to under $0.50 per chip. Many of their personalized designs may be customized with the name of the event, the name of the gamer, and up to 16 words that will reflect an evening’s evening in Las Vegas.

Poker Stars Direct will customize any poker chip for your corporate event. Custom chips sell for as low as $1.00 per chip, and if you need more than 100 chips, you can buy them in bulk deals for as high as $100 per chip.

Poker Stars Direct will also customize playing cards and will do customized poker chips for any event that requires them.

For home games, whether it is aardi parties,iped night, or gaffle night Poker Stars Direct will have a variety available. In addition to the everyday deck, they will also have deck variations available exclusively for their fans. In the U.S., they can be purchased at most convenience stores, toy stores, and even in some toy stores.

For the gaming enthusiast who wants to enhance the game for personal use, Poker Stars Direct has developed custom decks specifically for their fans. These will be designed according to the seasons of the professional poker season. Poker Stars Direct has even created special decks exclusively for the World Series of Poker.

Poker Stars Direct has won quite a few awards including “Best Custom Poker Chip Set” at the 2007 Las Vegas Poker Classic and the “Best DewaPoker Chip” at the 2008reneque International Casino Bowl.

When purchasing custom poker chips, it is important to ensure that you buy from a reputable dealer at a reasonable price. Also, ensure that your chips are high quality and produced by a factory that believes in customer service. Finally, ensure that your purchase is reinforcement steel and not plastic. Obviously, if the chips you purchase are low quality, then they will not be fully durable. By using the best practices in the production of your custom chips, you can be assured that you will have the best chips available for your next game.

In closing, you can ensure that your poker chips will last longer, and you can have the added benefit of choosing a set with a custom design if you want to. Just take some time to ensure that you choose wisely and fully understand the factors of design.