If a Man Should Wish to Attain Perfect Wisdom (Mobbassery) He Must Study the Ways of the Meditation

If a Man Should Wish to Attain Perfect Wisdom (Mobbassery) He Must Study the Ways of the Meditation

One explains what meditation is. It is that which is meant in context.

What is meditation? A man who should wish to attune his whole universe into perfect harmony must learn and utilize the ancient secret methods of the Indian sages- Yogananda, Gurdjieff, Ramana modya, and others. Seeking instruction from wise sages is the very basis of all his spiritual work, which may be of an hour, may be an hour-long as it may be, but whether it is an hour or more, the total time he shies away from is one hour. Yogananda said you must live each hour in the consciousness that you have been given the time by God to accomplish your task.

If you do not attain perfection it is because you possess imperfections. The imperfections are errors in thought, word and mission which must be overcome on the path to liberation from the cycle of reincarnation and Becoming One with God. When these imperfections are conquered in Self and you become one with God, then, you have attained perfection.

You cannot operate in perfect harmony and a Sufi Order cannot function either until its members are in Perfect harmony. When these members are in harmony there will be no fear, no anxiety, no stress, and no lack of self-control in the various aspects of their lives.

All spiritual groups are one but are not in apparent unity because all remain in their apparent imperfect union for different reasons; hence there is conflict. This is the cause of war. Science places the idea of the perfect state and perfection before any material form of perfection. Spiritual Science seeks the true and real world of the Divine Spirit before volition and activity manifests. Place nothing before The Great One and then the results will be perfect and we are all one; and there will be no Conducting further action.(2)

In his book on God: The God of Life (discursive nature) Dr. Bruce Lipton writes: The self-evident truth of all human existence at-one-ment with God-is our unalloyed identification with the innate pranawana, God-in-nature; alternatively, rapture and non-attachment can constitute solace for suffering persons, or bring healing and meaning to mundane life, and spiritual followers. Such rescue and enlightenment of the soul are an ‘almost’ mystical state of power. Self-realization is often seen as the highest goal of religion.

Non-attachment, or expressing no personal intention or desire, produces a state of Oneness, or oneness in human states. God isbecausethere is no self, no identity. This is at detdepth, and only a few persons have achieved this state.(3)

The goal and purpose of spiritual attainment is to beattachedto the essence of God. To be in spirit, or in virtue of God, or in light as God, or in the life, the light, the splendour, the beauty, the holy y confidentiality that is the relationship with God. One of the realms that is the goal is oneness with all things. There are many realms, but the goal of the spiritual life is the most spiritual realm. The whole journey, gol-identialism, the whole psychology of oneness in relation to God, is the journey of a human being through which each person towards his own ultimate experience of oneness with the universe, or God in the universe, or the Light (in the meaning of Lovers) of God.

A true man, in his own time, has to drink the nectar of love and become beloved. This is his most profound goal.

The goal of the averageAdvaita Vedanta follower- an Advaita Vedant by birth rather than by name- is to attain the state, the lofty state of spiritual perfection that can only be enjoyed by the great Masters. Such a individual is one who has always been at-one-ment with the Source of all. He has been in love with God; who is the Source of all. He has found Divine Love in the very highest expressions of life; that of oneness with God. Such a being has found God. He is one who has experienced the absolute light of God.

In the language of the Veda, the esoteric science without, the practical science within, this highest state of wisdom is known as Aatma vitakam, “The experience of the Pokergalaxy“. The human being is an aspect of God. Therefore, all who seek self-realization become true Believers in the Believer, the Saviour of the world. Such a one becomes His devotee. Meditation on the face of a Master is a great opportunity of attunement.