Football Betting Strategy – Discover the Mustards and How to Make Them Cash From Football Betting!

Football Betting Strategy - Discover the Mustards and How to Make Them Cash From Football Betting!

What is the perfect football betting strategy? What is your threshold for success? It would be great to hear these answers to these questions. Just remember, the secret is not in finding the answer, it’s in making the right decisions!

Let’s face it, the football betting arena is unstable and erratic. There’s nothing like the feeling of taking a 6 team parlay to cover 6 points in a game, or a come from behind in the 4th quarter. But what you must ask yourself is, what makes this profitable? Is it an effective football betting strategy?

The Most Effective Football Betting Strategy

The bottom line is this: the most effective strategies are ones that make you money. By that I mean, the ones that allow you to walk away with your winnings in the end. These are the solid, proven football betting strategies that make the books money.

These strategies aren’t rocket science. They are the mathematics of probability and they involve numbers. Take a look at how they work, why they work, and how you can apply them to the football betting arena.

Counting the Cards

Online sports betting allows you to do an extensive amount of statistics. You can count “the numbers” or, more importantly, at what rates the experts are gumming up the sports book. You can discover if a bet is ripe for the picking or if the bettor has convinced themselves they have a “Dewavegas.”

Meanwhile, the experts are watching and studying as well. Taking that into account, you’ll discover why certain situations are more likely to win the cash and what to do about it. This includes many other factors besides skillendered opinions.

Let’s say a star player is injured and not a huge factor in a game. The sports books will spread the word that the star player is out and many of the novice or potential bettors follow suit. Pro tip: don’t fall into the trap of betting on a meaningless game. Look for other opportunities. There are plenty of them online and you’ll never have a better opportunity than in a live game.

Learning from the Stars

Or better yet, watching the professionals, is a little bit like learning how to ice hockey. When you see people try to score goals, you need to know how close they came, and, in many instances, exactly how they scored. This is a great way to learn how to score goals. Watch a couple of games, learn everything you can, then bet on the next game. Done and dusted.

The Goals Betting System

When you learn about anything, you start to specialize in it. Granted, there are some major sports like football, basketball, baseball, and hockey that have a lot of rules and a lot of specialized information. Then there are some sports like hockey, baseball, and football that are really easy to break down and have a lot of information.

In hockey, a play on the power play is much easier to learn than one on theCatalogue. In addition, goals are much less frequent in hockey than in other sports, so it is easy to confuse the small sample of games. Don’t. Don’t study the repercussion of a mph rule in football; it will save you money. Learn the game, then wait for a hot board to collect as many points as possible.

Come From Behind

Bettors who come from behind, such as parlay betters, win more often than they lose because they are betting more on parlay situations. Typically, bettors who come from behind bet into a parlay with more than one additional bets. When you bet parlay cards, make sure you bet two or more additional picks to increase your maximum payout.

The Elsewhere Rule

This rule might seem unique to hockey betting, but it applies just as easily to other sports. Essentially, the Elsewhere rule is a way to weight the other three alternatives, aside from your selected team, in a progression against the team you root for. The team you place your bets on will win at odds that differ by up to two points in your favor.


This can apply to any sport, but the vogue is to pick the more popular teams because they are more available. Your fellow bettors will enjoy the more exposure they receive, while the teams that are not as popular might be difficult for you to get information on. Be sure to get the information you need early on, especially on non-divisional match ups in the middle section of the playoffs. Don’t worry about getting your homework straight, as these are the teams that will be focused on your games.


As the NHL playoffs progress, injuries will also become a factor. Make sure you keep up with the latest injuries, especially if you plan to bet your team in the finals.