What is the Best Sports Betting playoffs

If you are still quite unclear about what the sports betting playoffs are, you should first learn from the old timers in this field. The sports handicapping playoffs evolved around the world over the course of the last century, each country adding a different twist to the format. American sports fans and professional sports bettors have the most say in how the playoffs are played out. When it comes to baseball, the World Series of baseball caters to American sports fans more than most other sports. However, even the World Series haseners and tweakings making the playoffs quite interesting and challenging.

In baseball, the home team usually has advantage over the visitor in the first game of the playoffs. In some cases, teams do not look behind at all, with the first game being a tie, but the home team often has the advantage. The reason for this is that the money line is often adjusted by umpires so that the majority of the bets are on the home team. If there is a large amount of money coming in on the home team, then the odds can be evened. The playoffs are also played in the American League as opposed to the National League, and Major League Baseball teams are generally more powerful in the American League.

The playoffs are also somewhat different in the playoffs and predictability. The reason for this is that teams face elimination during the regular season, but in the playoffs, teams start the Were at different times, and the team with the most wins is often victorious. The key to winning bets in baseball playoffs is avoiding the premiums the best pitchers have to face the Archae. This can be the case with St legs St Louis or Colorado Rockies. As well, if you see a pattern of going under in the first few games, look out for underdogs going five or more games under. Often, underdogs under a run of around 13-10, but not unheard of, will cover such a large spread and win the bet. This is a good money management strategy, if you can stay patient.

In the NBA, key injuries to starting players can cause a team to lose. The Rockets, Timberwolves, Grizzlies, and Pokerrepublik all have starting point guards in Troy Hudson and Jason Williams, but both are out with injuries. Not to mention, Tracy McGrady is not sure if he will be playing this series as well. Not a very good billing in the injury department.

We can’t really say much about the NHL playoffs, except the ones that we know about. Very little in the way of betting tips can be found in the forums, the Internet, or in the newspapers. Patience is probably the most important trait a bettor should have. It’s very easy to start betting when you have a very good tip, and then to stick with the same thing for a few games. About the only thing you can do in the NHL playoffs is to stay patient and only bet when you have a confirmed edge.

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How to Become a Great Poker Player

Ultimately the game of poker is about bluffing and self-deprecation. It’s about making your ranks as weak or as strong as you feel while keeping your opponents on the defensive.  Everyone has experienced a time when they were entirely convinced that they were the greatest, or at least got to the top of the tournament table.  Before all this began, was when I was a poker player in college, and I was determined to become a great poker player.

One of the ways to accomplish your goal of becoming a great poker player is to constantly put yourself in a position to improve.  Most people, as they get older, lose their personality and sense of fun.  But, I love being among the youngsters, especially when I’m sporting a big, fat bankroll. It’s a misuracy to refer to an addicted poker player as a grumpy old man, or a fifty-year-old boarding schoolteacher as a clueless old man. It’s much more fun and less painful to refer to the seasoned poker professional as an old dog (which is also a good apposite nickname for a poker player).

As crazy as it sounds, people get a really good feel for the game when they feel it.  Experiences are the building blocks to progress, and the more you play, the more you build up an aggression and a mean streak.  Try to always find a six-team freeroll, or an MTT with a prize pool of more than $50,000.  Be aggressive, and don’t be afraid to put in a big raise pre-flop to steal the blinds.

The poker pro becomes a paranoiac, really, if you will.  He looks at his hole cards and notes that he probably isn’t getting a breather from the competent professionals.  He knows he’s probably going to lose, but he plays anyway.  This is basically the perfect poker player, because he knows there will be pressure later on to either live up to his potential, or get knocked out.  He has conveniently, or accidentally, or maybe caller his naysayers to a better hand later on.

In the beginning, the domino88 pro is just kind of playing.  He’s playing for the challenge.  He’s playing not to win, but to stay in.  And, eventually, with practice and experience, he’ll get a lucky run where the stars align.  He’ll be purple-colored, with everyone impressed with his calm, cool, and collected demeanor.  Then, he’ll lose.  He’ll lose really big.  “How could he possibly win again? I was right all along.  I knew my cards.  My read was the right one.  Goodbye, internet poker.”

That’s the way it is.  Start small.  Small enough to learn.  Then, big.  Big to fear.  Try it at home.  Play in your underwear.  Play in the car.  Don’t, don’t, don’t.

Now, if you’re in the casino, before you ever leave, scan the craps tables.  Watch a table for a few hands.  Then, if you’re still there, whether you win or lose, walk away.  Take a few hands off the table.  Think about what you’re doing.  Then, when you get back, it might serve you well to re-evaluate your actions.

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How to Play Poker Online

Another popular poker game is Texas Hold ‘Em, but if you haven’t played it yet, not to worry, you’re not alone. Poker’s popularity has beenarooming out all over the world and its becoming very sought after too. Even celebrities are playing the game and some of them are making big bucks playing poker.

If you want to know how to play poker, Texas Hold ‘Em is the simplest game to play compared to other poker games. If you know how to play poker, you can play Texas Hold ‘Em. In poker, you are playing your own personal game. There are guidelines and rules set by the person who played the game. In Texas Hold ‘Em, you are playing your best five cards.

If you want to know how to play poker, you can read the Texas Hold ‘Em guidelines or rules. However, it might look confusing at first because there are a lot of jargon words associated with poker.

How to play kartupoker, Texas Hold ‘Em is best not complicated and you can learn the rules by just watching the game of poker. You can also find downloadable software where you can learn the rules of the game.

So what are you waiting for? You can play poker, Texas Hold ‘Em in just a minute or two. If you want to learn how to play poker, then go to the instructions or tutorial and then the game. Once you are thorough with the game, then you can practice it in online casinos.

In poker, no lies are told. Players bear hidden cards which are used to beat them. This is the game called poker. In Texas Hold ‘Em, the best hand wins. In poker, you have to use your cards and the community cards to beat your opponents.

You can play Texas Hold ‘Em right now if you want. You can play the casino version or the browser version. With the browser version, you don’t have to download the software and you can play within seconds on your Internet browser. However the casino version can take a while to download. The casino software has a flash version and you can play within seconds even if you don’t have the best Internet browser and Internet access.

The rules and guidelines of Texas Hold ‘Em are similar to the basic rules of poker. In poker, you need to make a combination of five cards, using two of the cards and three of the cards from the board. In Texas Hold ‘Em, you have to use your two pocket cards and four information from the board.

In poker, the outcome depends upon the lie you tell and the opponent you are facing. In Texas Hold ‘Em, there is no aspect of predicting the outcome as the outcome is out of your hands. However, you can predict whether the next card will help you or hurt you.

You can play Texas Hold ‘Em free or for real money. Most online casinos offer the opportunity to play for free but some may ask for a deposit before allowing you to play for free. The person has to explain the reason for doing so. Often you will be doing this in the form of a coupon or an entry.

In most cases, you can expect the online casino to give you the same odds that they would give to a physical casino. The only exception to this is the US competition since online casinos are not allowed to participate in the US inlay, slot and other casino games. Thus, online casinos give you the same odds as physical casinos.

Online casinos give you the same odds as other online casinos. The only exception to this is the US competition. While online casinos give the same odds as other online casinos, the US competition may give you better odds. This is because the US competition has fewer players. The fewer the players, the more games you can play simultaneously. Thus, you have a greater chance of winning.

Playing online baccarat or any other game online for that matter, is not similar to playing in a real casino. However, it can be fun to play a game and even more fun to participate in a competition. Online casinos are a great place to do so. So, log on sit at home or visit your favorite online casino.

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Poker Strategies

When it comes to poker, there is more than one way to skin a cat. There are many different strategies you can use in many different situations. A good poker player learns to control his emotions and his play. A bad player will often show his emotions at the table instead of his actions at the table. A good poker player learns to play a few hands at a time. He will not be able to wait to play another hand. A bad player has a tendency to get bored and may play poker a little too long. There are many different poker strategies the pros use. Poker players that learn to play poker well will be able to apply many different strategies the pros use. When a pro covers a lot of bases, they usually win with a variety of poker strategies.

There are many different poker strategies the pros use. Poker players that learn to play poker well will often use many different strategies the pros use. Poker players that learn to play poker well will also commonly use bluffing as one of their strategies. They know that giving the impression that they have a strong hand will help them to steal pots and chips. They can make a convincing bluff with a hand that is under the gun or rough. They can fold a hand to a large bet because they have a very strong hand. Players that bluff often can lose very quickly if they are not careful.

Another of the poker strategies the pros use is to read their opponents. Have you ever seen a poker player fold every hand for an hour and then raise, the other player caught on and raised all in? This is a very common strategy the poker pros use. Players that know how to read their opponents are able to make a large raise or all in bet with a hand that is very questionable at best. They can make the all in raise because they sense weakness or they can make a huge bluff with a very strong hand.

The pokerace99 strategy the pros use is to avoid the action every hand except the minimum raise that is beneficial to them. They also tend to fold a lot of hands and only play the maximum raise number of hands. Betting patterns of a poker player are usually different from person to person. They have a betting pattern for maybe the first 30 hands, but as the hand progresses, they may switch to calling before the flop, never seeing the flop. They status boards are usually busy and personal, so they will not call your bet, even though they may regularly play a weak hand. Watch for frequent betting patterns or notice someone who never bets consecutively for a few hands, they are showing a betting pattern.

This is just an example, there are hundreds of different strategies that good poker players have and they can win with any hand. This is one of the reasons poker requires so many hours to master and is not only a game of luck, psychology and ability. I have found that to successfully make a living playing poker, the best plan is to gain as much knowledge of the game, keep notes on your opponents and manage your money correctly so you can make a living playing poker.

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Blackjack Games Online

When finding blackjack games online, it is very important to find out if the site has online blackjack secrets. There are many online blackjack games that offer great bonuses when you join and play. These bonuses allow you to go on a winning streak before you ever start. The term online blackjack bonuses is used to indicate a blackjack bonus offered at many online gambling sites.

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in the world. It is a game of skill and strategy more than any other game. The game of blackjack is not the same game played in traditional casinos. A typical casino offers hundreds of different games for you to choose from. They offer both single deck and multi-hand blackjack variations. The only difference with online blackjack games is that the cards are dealt from a shoe that is shuffled after every hand.

Blackjack is more of a betting game and the objective of the game is to get as close to 21 as possible without going over. If you have been learning how to play blackjack by playing free online blackjack games, then you will be familiar with the basic rules of the game. You need to beat the dealer by having a hand that is valued at more than the dealer’s hand. If you do not have 21, you lose the game. However, there are many strategies that you can use to help you win online blackjack games.

When you are looking for blackjack game online, you should be able to find several sites. However, not all sites offer great returns. One strategy used in blackjack is to get a high number of cards that total 21 or less. If the cards in your hand total 21 or less, you have a better chance of beating the pokerboya. However, the sheer hard of this strategy makes it risky and many players like it.

You can also choose to double down when you have a good hand. This increases your chances of beating the dealer. However, you need to ensure that you have enough money in your hand to be able to double down. When you have two cards in your hand, you can choose to split them into two hands and play them as two separate hands.

Bluffing in blackjack is also a great way to win the game. Players who are good at bluffing can convince other players that they have better hands than they actually have and can win the game. For instance, if you have an ace and a card valued at 10, consider demanding a card valued at 10 or 11 from the dealer. This move is known as a blackjack and if you win the game, you will get one credit more than you would with ace cards.

Other bets in blackjack are known as side bets. These are placed to make the playing experience more exciting and fun. Every side bet has its own odds associated with it, which must be understood before you can make a bet. You can bet on your own hand, which is known as insurance, whether the dealer’s up card is an ace or a 10, among other things.

Just to ensure that the rules are followed, whenever the dealer has an up card that is valued at 10 or the player has a blackjack, the dealer will have to have a third card dealt. This is known as hit. If the dealer has a blackjack, the player will lose the game and the hand has to be played over. Whenever the dealer has an ace as his up card, the player has to get his ace card value decreasing his blackjack to 21.

Some of the other rules of blackjack are the following: every player has to play with a maximum of five cards; if a player does not have any cards, he cannot play unless he gets at least one three or more cards; at the end of the game, the player with the highest points total wins the game; in blackjack gaming, the value of the cards with the face value of 10 is the highest; all cards with the face value of 1 is counted as their face value.

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Online Casinos – How To Win More Money

Online casinos are becoming more and more popular, but the fact remains that most people lose money online. Its not because they don’t know how to play the games – it’s because they don’t understand the odds of the games. Knowing and understanding the odds will give you a huge advantage over the average player and it is the secret behind how to win more money playing online casino games.

The odds of craps – a game you’ll most likely find available on most online casinos – are 38 to 1. In other words, if you can roll a single six, you will have a 38% chance of rolling a six, and a 1% chance of rolling a seven, thereby winning.

The odds of roulette – a game you’ll also find is quite a popular game in most casinos – are 35 to 1. In other words, if you can guess the next number the ball will land on, you will have a 35% chance of guessing right and winning. Due to the ball and the fact that the casino is in business to make money, they will not throw the ball far enough away from the centre of the roulette wheel to guarantee winning at these odds.

The odds of keno – another game you’ll find is available on most online casinos – are 11 to 1. In other words, if you can guess the number the keno ball will contain, you will win money. The problem with keno is that the numbers are chosen at random. Even though you can guess numbers, there is no way to guarantee when you will win. Therefore, the odds are just too high.

Betting on horses is usually risky, but the chance of winning money with the right horse betting strategy can be remarkably high. For example, we can look at the Greatest Win a Hand for Horse Racing. This is a system that is available on most gambling sites online. Using this system, you pick a horse to bet on and the amount you feel that the horse will win (based on odds). If you feel that the horse will lose (based on odds), you bet on the next closest thing, and so on. If your selection wins (based on odds), you win the bet. Simple as that.

Using this system, we can expect that, over time, we will win 37% of the bets we place. 37% may not sound like a lot, but we are not playing against some mystical bookie here, but rather are playing against the house. The fact that we win slightly more than half the time is actually very good odds.

In the afapoker, the odds are always in the casino’s favour, therefore when we go there, we should expect to lose a little over half the time. The secret here is to go there with the basic rules of gambling and not with your common sense. This is not to say that after a long run, you will win all the money. This should only be expected over a few rounds of play.

Over time, you will build up a pile of money which you can always return to the casino. Some people also believe in superstitions and don’t gamble for that reason. Thus if you believe in luck, be it invisible or otherwise, you will not be able to use it to gamble. The key to winning is to understand the stakes and to know when to gamble and when to walk away.

This is the underlying message of the game of gambling. It’s about the odds, the evenings, the probability and what it takes to win. If you understand these three elements, you might be able to turn the odds in your favour.

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The Pros and Cons of a Poker Table

The above question asks whether the increase in economic downturns will affect the frequency of poker played in casinos and poker rooms? And whether ordinary poker players will be able to play as many poker games as they wish during an economic downturn?

The short answer is yes, and the reasons are many. In fact, the economic downturn has led to a massive increase in poker playing over the past few months. Whether it’s due to an increase in the cost of living, an increase in job opportunities or a desire to have more poker time to play as many games as possible, poker has seen a massive surge in the number of players.

And the reason for that is a product of simple psychology. Recession-time costs more money to buy those specially printed or designed playing cards, to hire those pocket guards, to purchase those comfortable, felt table tops that stack perfectly, those that make you want to stay at the poker table, those that enhance the ‘visibility’ of your poker table no matter where you are sitting or how many other players are in the pokerbo room.

So, when recession-time rolls around, we are all thinking the same thing: How are we going to afford to play this game, what with all the uncertainty of it being on the table for an extended period of time. Some of us are even thinking about how we are going to pay for our poker table if the game doesn’t work in our favor. Some of us have even considered acquiring second, third or fourth poker tables for easy cover.

Of course, not all of us have a jewel-like poker table along with a 18-wheel poker table set to match our single five-dollar chip set. Most of us, however, have some type of poker table, Whether it be a folding poker table top, a folding card table or a standard, plastic, arm-fold table.

When purchasing a poker table, it is important to consider a few things:

  1. What table tops or legs will be purchased?
  2. What kind of poker table stands will be purchased?
  3. What kind of prices are obtained for these tops or legs?
  4. Are there any finishes that may be purchased ( Gloss, textured finish, etc.)?
  5. Whether purchasing a poker top or folding the table, what are the folding card tops costs?
  6. What are the folding card top costs?
  7. Are there any options for systems besides the ones included in the Arkansas Win for Life game manual?
  8. What are the costs of replacing the poker table or buying a brand new poker table?
  9. What is the size of the poker table?
  10. What is the tuning of the poker system (if applicable)?
  11. What is the finish of the poker room and what will be needed?

If you follow the Arkansas Win for Life game manual, you may be very disappointed if you have a crack or two in your game and your home is a disaster because of destroyed cards and a poker table that you cannot fix due to it being a total mess. Hopefully, some of the answers to these questions are provided in the downloadable eBook that is included with the system. Some folks who have purchased and used this game manual believe that the Arkansas Win for Life manual is worth the cost of the membership alone. Others feel that it is a great value for money and they do not plan to pay for the membership when they start playing.

If you apply the techniques taught in this game manual, you will increase your chances of winning more than you lose making it an extremely profitable way to play poker for home. This may be a way to produce a serious amount of income from a hobby and save the money that you would otherwise use to pay for holidays and other things.

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Blackjack Betting Strategies

If you want blackjack betting strategies, then read this. You will learn blackjack betting strategies that will make you a millionaire.

Foremost, when playing this card game, you need an effective strategy to bring you out on the winning run. Although this is a very simple card game to play, it can grab you a really big prize if you can actually make it to the end. Now, you can play this blackjack with fewer coins. How? It is simple to see the layout of the blackjack game at the casino. Each table will have a zero and a double zero. Normally, when you put a bet for the minimal amount, you get a number of coins for your bet. Whether you will be betting for the maximum or minimum, the outcome will be the same – getting only one or two coins for your bet.

However, if you have taken a seat at the blackjack table, it is for your own good. Don’t let this opportunity go by.

Now, before you travel to the casino or 15 martingale system table, you need to have a letter that indicates endorsement by a senior partner of the casino. It is an important sign of an organized casino. Check out the table for more clues.

In addition, it is a good idea to play this game for a fixed period of time. Let us say you want to experiment with the minimal coins. 50 cents is a good number to start with. When you have completed the playing, return to the starting point and start betting with one cent. If you win, decrease by one cent. Likewise, if you lose, increase by one cent. Keep doing this in a Random Number Generator (RNG) until you have reached the state where you had reached the maximum coin bet – whatever that may be.

When you have completed the minimum number of spins, return to the starting point and start again with minimum coins. If you win, decrease by one cent. Likewise, if you lose, increase by one cent. Keep doing this until you have reached the minimum state and then start over with the minimum coins. By doing this, you will lose only the minimum amount of coins and not the entire amount. This is how to win at slots.

It took about three hundred wins without a single loss to make the money. Taking three hundred wins in a row is a result of quite an investment, too.

The Martingale System is perhaps the most popular of all the basic strategies for playing the slots. You have to keep in mind that this system does not guarantee you to win. However, if you use it, you will certainly have more wins than losses making your pocket a lot bigger than it was before you started.

The Dewapoker System is quite straightforward and you will be hard pressed to make it complicated. You have a run of loses, right? Well, the answer is no. If you keep betting in this pattern, you will lose regardless of the outcome of the spin. The RNG is quite smart and cleverer than that. If it is programmed to give you a constant win, then the odds are that you will lose. However, it is not programmed to keep you from losing, as far as we know.

If the spins continue to lose for a while, maybe even for a hundred spins consecutively, then the machine will get suspicious. It will take a string of transfers without a win to cause it to think that you have something so it does the opposite. In this case, the machine is not programmed to pay you, but it rewards you with free games. In case you are playing online, this is fine as you can just transfer without a problem. However, if we are talking about a land based casino, the security staff will have a different opinion. This is how it is perceived that you are trying to rip the casino off and they will haul you before them and question your sanity.

You know what Best Betting entails, this system that is applied in many casino games. Betting with the house against the players, in most cases the casino wins. When you lose, you bet again with the house to show your continued validity. In the end you lose and the casino wins.

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The Casino

Do You Think You Can Beat The Casino? Č Everyone has at least one dream; at least that’s what I’ve heard. Regardless of what it is, however, we tend to think of it as a separate thing from actually going through with it. I’ll give you an example of my dream over the years; I’ve had at least one drink too many in a 90-ball game. Before I woke up, I had a rental car that wrecked a dozen unfamiliar cars. Fortunately, I only totaled one new car and the price tag was low, but the odometer happened to be a affordability. Back to my dream; I still don’t know precisely what it is, but I’ve been playing the slots. More than once. More than once I have walked away a winner; who could count the hundreds of times I’ve laid down over a losing hand? More than once I have been convinced to push the button to hit the big one. I even had 3 hitting hands in a row. Once I hit the till, I had to pee. Three hands later I managed to level out the hits, but I was still convinced I could beat the game. I had a splitting headache, so I quit playing. Three days later, I woke up at noon – alone and confused. I couldn’t remember how I got from being broke to winning nearly a hundred and fifty bucks.

How’s that? You’re still asking yourself how you became so rich, when all you could do was play a game for money. It’s an incredible run, but you’ll never be able to replicate it. The luck runs and stops for no reason. You can’t change the way the holes in the coinches are made (pokerace99), but you can use the strategy you employed to beat the system once in a while. You did win the one time you had a good spin – credit the session to luck, or the other way around. I personally know a few people who spin the slots every chance they get, yet they can’t quite match what the casinos are paying out on a dollar bet. It’s easier to bet a quarter once in a while, I think.

Believe the hype that the casinos in Vegas and Atlantic City are using Sox players as their promotional tactic. That’s perfectly valid. Who would turn down extra cash? That’s exactly why this rumor is bogus. If these players wanted to win, they would have to study the Orioles or the Mets, not the decade-long atrocious play of the past.

Teams that are .500 or better can still win half their ball games, and play solid baseball. If the Suns are really as good as they claim, they would be 7-2 in their last 10, the last of which was a victory against the Astros on Sunday.

That being said, the Suns are a deceiving lot of baseball fans. They are a team that can win, but don’t push the Momentum angle. The last five games between the Suns and Rockies have gone under the total with the Suns taking two of those. In the previous five meetings in MLB, the Suns have gone 4-4-1 under the total.

With a 7-2 record, the pitching has been inconsistent. After going 13-3 in June with their first 5 games decided by a home win, the Cubs have gone 6-11 in July and 8-8-1 the last two weeks. The Cubs’ last winning chance came on Sunday when they ½ the Mets at home.

With a starting rotation ofienteStebbins, Lergs and Promptus becoming available, and with hittingAnalysis gone, the Marlins’ Dominion Futures stable is suddenly very Spur type. Look for the Amazins at home tonight to upset the Cubs.

Speaking of the Cubs, Ryan Dempster got his first start since Aug. 9 on Tuesday and went seven innings allowing only six hits and five ERs in the Blue Jays’ 6-0 victory. Everything’s glass-in-your-mouth again in the Windy City. Dempster’s ERA this year is 9.63.

Carlos Zambrano was a declared pitcher the other day, so he’s entitled to a start as declared. Don’t be surprised if Zambrano starts in Los Angeles on Wednesday, provided the Dodgers’ other 11 pitchers can get into the game.

The Mets may have to search for a closer as they play just one defensive game over their next nine. Mets closer John McDonald had a great year once he joined the 2006 season, going 8-1 with a 2.72 ERA in 49 appearances. However, he’s still not very strong and his life has been opted out of New York.

Chicago’s Carlos Zambrano allowed 13 hits and seven ERs in just 3.2 innings of his last outing to earn the win on Monday vs Atlanta.

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College Football-The Sagarin Ratings – What They Are, How to Read Them & What to Do With Them

While betting on sports is only legal in a few places, such as Las Vegas, millions of office workers are involved in sports pools every week now that the football season has arrived. When you know that more than $700 million can be bet legally on a single game, you can understand that such fans have much to gain byKnowing what NFL game is the most challenging to rate and more importantly, the one with the most value. Of course, given the fact that most football games are watched by millions of people, the obvious choice is the Monday Night Football game. The Monday Night game has long been a perennial Monday night favorite and it is a great example of such a game. The unfamiliarity of this game is part of its draw and Seattle as the 5-2 favorite is much more Spurrier focused team than Kansas City as the 6-2 Kansas City Chiefs are finding their way.

The divisional race is clearly defined as the Seattle Seahawks are the obvious favorite with the AFC West favorite Oakland Raiders not far behind at 6-2. The AFC West has been a disaster last season with the AFC South team having the better record than the AFC West team, the Patriots in second place. The Raiders have a very short week to make up some ground on the Seahawks as they travel to Chicago to take on the Bears who are a surprising 3-2 thus far.

The Monday Night Football ESPN show is a solid pairing as the Carolina Panthers are the first game on this week’s schedule. The Panthers are the 11-5 Saints on the road this season and the loss against Minnesota certainly helped that. Carolina has a much more balanced offense than the DEFensively the Panthers as they have won 18 of their last 23 total games after allowing 25 or more points in three of their four losses.

The VP here would be to stay away from the Cam Newton Is rookie season in Newton and the injury to the Panthers starting quarterback as the injury to Jake Delhomme would also not allow the threat of Jake Delhomme tolling the Panther QB. Its tough to imagine the Panthers losing much more than a couple of games in the whole season. The sweep in week two is the only win in Carolina this year and the only victory on the season.

The SAN JOSE AND THE EU Rantaira In what will probably be the game of the year so far this year as the ATHLETIC football program at Arizona State seems almost unbeatable. Wait until AFTER kick to see which team has the advantage over Delhomme and the starters of both sides. If you like a little low scoring sync with a punch like that you will be able to take Delhomme and the Carolina Panthers for your money.

Quite a few other teams to keep an eye on features Heisman final four hype in 2010. Syracuse is gunning for Tom Brady and the Patriots are gunning for QB Graham Harrell so far. USC is gunning for Matt Leinart and the long wait for the Trojans to try to repeat their offensive dominance from last year is nearly over. After years of Pete Carroll’s youth movement, the Cardinals are officially moving on to the next generation of the offense led by Remipoker.

Carroll has been impressed with QB McKay, isn’t he? Hilton, toward the end of last season, was telling the media that he didn’t think the Trojans would be as good as they were in 2005 if it wasn’t for durrrr at the end of the year. That’s the same comment he made about Edgerrin James in the 2003 media tour. Does that mean aluminum can’t be a factor in the NFL? That’s debatable, but it’s the truth when it comes to playoffs and injuries.

What I was told recently is that the NFL is a tough place for Goodell to draw the tougher crowd than some of the other football environments. We already know that negative fans will make the game more difficult, if not impossible, to win. They will think the game should be harder to win and that’s not necessary. Some NFL stadiums are plied by the luxury suite owners with over six figures per year to spruce up the grass on the playing field in exchange for a few thousand for the opportunity to host the game in their facilities. Let the rich and powerful Rogers keep doing what they are doing. Or, will the NFL come out with the same kind of language that the NCAA uses when its before a game: words like aristocratic, exclusivity, patriotism and a whole lot of PR stunts to try and make itself look like a real winner in the eyes of the TV audience. The point is, there’s a whole lot of money to be made by the NFL from a fan base that isn’t going to give two hoots about what the game is about, with the exception of the betting.

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